Secret Spells of the English Language - with Laurel Airica

Sat, 2018/04/21 - 6:30pm

In all our efforts to heal our psyches and raise consciousness on our planet, we have all but overlooked the very instrument of conscious thought and communication. Yet our forked-tongue English language, which is the leading software of the Western mind, is itself in great need of retuning and upgrading.
Our April presenter, Laurel Airica is the creator of WordMagic, a mind-bending, paradigm-shifting re-introduction to the English language that brings to light the ‘hidden’ philosophy in puns and the symbols of the alphabet. By revealing the Secret Spells of the English Language with which we write our own Life Sentences, and the Sacred PathWords pointing toward our liberation, Laurel shows in verse and prose how young and old around the globe can collectively, creatively and quite rapidly upgrade the English language to facilitate our essential evolution from humankind to humankindness.
Here is a preview of Laurel’s presentation: which you can copy and paste into your web browser.

And a note from Laurel: Thought you might enjoy the HigherSide Chat I had with the podcast host, Greg Carlwood, in mid-February. It just got posted last week.  Here is the link, which I’m afraid you’ll have to cut-and-paste:

I’ve been getting a very enthusiastic response to it. And I just completed writing my first E-book and will have it designed and available when I speak to your group in April. It’s called ’The Book of E: A Book of Alphabet Alchemy’ and I’m hoping it will be equally well received.



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