Romancing Your Cells, Your Self with Sondra Barrett

Fri, 2018/02/09 - 7:00pm

PROGRAM:  Come meet your cells and explore how to awaken to their intelligence.  Consider that our cellular ancestors evolved their chemistry and life skills to  survive and thrive for millions of years. Just imagine what they can show us about life.

Discover the amazing architecture of your cellular sanctuaries that makes them capable of responding to sound, music, movement, your thoughts and even light. What can we learn from them to help us in everyday life, diminish stress, make change and experience gratitude? 

We will explore how to communicate with our cells and our self through guided visualization and the senses. Here you will learn from both scientific and spiritual perspectives how your cells can help you thrive and change.  This presentation will be illuminated by spectacular colorful images from inner space and you will be illuminated by your amazing cellular wisdom, perhaps falling in love with yourself from the inside out.


Sondra Barrett, PhD, is the author of "Secrets of Your Cells: Discovering Your Body’s Inner Intelligence" (Sounds True), "Ultimate Immunity" with coauthor Elson Haas  MD (Rodale) and "Wine’s Hidden Beauty" (Mystic Molecules Media).  Dr. Barrett brings her knowledge as a medical scientist, photomicrographer, and former UCSF faculty, together with her experience teaching a blend of science, spirituality, and the senses,  leading groups for people with cancer, with years of exploration of what helps us heal. 

She has also taught at CIIS, JFK, Esalen, UCSF Medical School, throughout the US, in Scotland and Malta.  A student of qigong, shamanism and expressive arts, Sondra provides a lively mix of information and experiential wisdom for your growing romance with your cellular universe (and we don’t mean phones.)


Unity In Marin

600 Palm Drive, Hamilton Center

Novato, CA


$10.00 and a snack or drink to share