"Missing Links" Season 2

Thu, 2018/03/01 - 10:30am

We will view and discuss the first three episodes of the new season of “Missing Links”!
(Descriptions below)

PLEASE NOTE  that it is not necessary to have seen previous episodes of “Missing Links”. This new season is a different topic and the few references to the previous season are clearly explained by Braden. The common theme is the new story emerging from science and how that blends with spiritual traditions and teachings.

OPENING QUESTION (as always, you may share or pass):  What is your experience with Virtual Reality, Simulations, or Escape Rooms?   (It may be more than you realize!)

WEATHER CANCELLATION POLICY:  If there are school closings in our region this Thursday, I will post on this site if the meeting is still on or is cancelled. Members on our email list will receive an email notice by 10 am Thursday.


Descriptions of “Missing Links” episodes from Gaia.com:

Episode 1  “Evidence of Our Simulated Reality”
“Is it possible that every moment of our reality is occurring inside a computer? A growing body of scientific evidence suggests we may be living within a massive simulation the size of the universe. Examine concepts of enlightenment and the matrix through the lens of current cultural beliefs and ancient traditions.”

Episode 2  “Reality as a Reflection of the Inner World”
“If we are living in a simulated reality, who put us here and for what reason? Gregg Braden breaks down the three scenarios that present a possible relationship between our inner world and the external energy field that contains all life.”

Episode 3  “Unlocking the Simulation Code”
“Gregg Braden explores two schools of thought concerning our cosmic simulation. Examine Earth's potential role as an incubator and the esoteric mysteries that may unlock our human potential, shifting us into a reality where thought and emotion are instantly manifested.”


Marywood Spirituality Center
3560 Highway 51 North
Arbor Vitae, WI 54568


Free (Donations can be made to the host site if attendees are able but a donation is not required.)