May Monthly Meeting

Thu, 2017/05/04 - 11:00am

We will view and discuss episodes 6 and 7 of Gregg Braden's series “Missing Links”. Descriptions from follow. It is not necessary to have viewed the earlier episodes to attend.

OPENING QUESTION:  What techniques do you use to facilitate gratitude, appreciation, care, and compassion in yourself?   As always attendees may share or pass.

"Missing Links" episode descriptions from

Episode 6:  “Physics of our Deepest Connections”
“If we can accept that everything is contained with the Field, then we no longer question if we are all connected. The question now becomes: How deeply are we connected? Two experiments, conducted by prominent scientists, reveal that the arrangement of photons and DNA can be directly influenced by human emotions. These findings seem to defy the conventional laws of physics but give us a means for understanding the mechanisms behind prayer, remote healing and miracles. When we learn to embrace these truths, we can begin to unlock the fullest potential we have available to us.”

Episode 7:  “Quantum Links”
“In the field of quantum mechanics, everything remains as a potential, until observed. It is this act of observation which brings the potential into the realm of the actual. The same holds true at the level of life and community, as the quantum link applies to prayers, remote healings and miracles. The secret is to not affirm the state of things, now, by asking for what you want. Rather is it about entering into sacred places, times and states of mind to fully experience the things you want to be, as if they are already in existence.”


Marywood Spirituality Center, Arbor Vitae WI


Free. (Donation basket for Marywood is available for meeting participants who are able to contribute but it is not necessary.)