May Meeting - The Science of Worldview Transformation with Cassi Vieten (video)

Sat, 2017/05/20 - 6:30pm

The Science of Worldview Transformation Webinar

In this video Cassi talks about how our individual worldview is the lens through which we view the world and filter everything we hear and see. This is especially important now as widely divergent worldviews are causing fractures in our US politics, society and even families. We will follow the video with a group discussion about the topic and how we might contribute to the expansion of consciousness, what that even means, and  to find common ground among those who disagree, and how we might infuse whole system thinking, spiritual principles, and love into our world, or whatever arises in the group. Be prepared for a lively discussion.

And please think about whether our Community Group is meeting your needs, and whether you have any interest in expanding the awareness of IONS in the community, and if you are interested in forming a planning committee to talk about these things and to help develop programs. (I created a Survey on Survey Monkey last year to send out to all of you but I couldn’t ever figure out how to send it to our Group lists.)

As always we will gather at 6:30pm to eat all the yummy munchies that everyone brings, drink coffee and tea that we provide, and reconnect with our Noetic Community that we haven’t seen since last month. Feel free to bring your warm socks or slippers as we request that shoes be left at the door.

Please RSVP if you are planning to attend so that we can plan seating and drinks service.

Below are some links to the IONS website that you might find useful. It is important that we support the Institute of Noetic Sciences financially to keep their scientific research, educational program development, community group support, and retreat center operating. These are times we have been preparing for. - check out the 2017 International Conference July 20-23 and register today. - participate in science experiments on-line. - to sign up for your very own copy of the IONS Newsletter, Blog and Announcements – to become a member and support the work of IONS in transforming human consciousness in support of a world that works for all. Membership can be a one-time donation or a monthly automatic investment of at least $10 per month.

We hope to see you all on Saturday night!


Salmon Creek area of Vancouver WA

Call for directions.