IONS Austin presents: DEEP CREATIVITY ... An enchanting evening with Dr. Victor Shamas

Tue, 2018/04/03 - 5:00pm

IONS Austin presents:  DEEP CREATIVITY ...  An enchanting evening with Dr. Victor Shamas

“What is the Creativity process ... and how can I enhance it to bring  greater joy, happiness, and love into my life?”

In 1987, Dr. Victor Shamas had a moment of revelation that changed the course of his life. In an instant, he glimpsed into the heart of the creative experience. Suddenly, he felt compelled to delve more deeply into the experience in order to grasp what he had seen. What he didn’t know is that it would take him 30 years to unpack all of the richness and complexity held within even a single “Eureka!” moment.  

Come hear Dr. Shamas as he shares the inner magic of Deep Creativity!

Where:  Unity Church of the Hills. 9905 Anderson Mill Rd. Austin TX.   78750

When:  Tues - 7pm - 9pm.
Apr 3, 2018.   Registration opens at 6:30pm (at the door)

Cost:  $5 Suggested Free-Will Offering helps to defray cost of mtg room and IONS Austin’s general expenses.  Thank YOU for supporting IONS Austin in fostering human potentials for a better World.

Dr. Shamas will discuss the discoveries he has made during his lifelong exploration of the creative experience. His approach to the study of creativity, which he calls Deep Creativity, reveals the deeper realities hidden within every moment of creative insight or inspiration: a single source of creativity abiding in all human beings; the expansiveness of the human imagination; a cyclical dance of creation; the potent creative forces of love and joy; and the importance of self-transcendence. By breaking free of scientific convention, Dr. Shamas has uncovered some of the most profound mysteries of human creativity. He will explain why so many artists describe creativity and the creative impulse in spiritual terms.

Deep Creativity integrates art, psychology, philosophy and mysticism to offer a radical new view of both the creative process and the human condition. Dr. Shamas will portray the creative experience as a bold adventure filled with passion, turmoil, inspiration, sacrifice, sheer joy, self-transcendence, and unconditional love. He will show you why creativity is not just thinking outside the box but living outside it.

The book “Deep Creativity” will be available for sale and signing by Dr. Shamas immediately after his talk. 

Then come to the IONS Social immediately afterwards for tea, snacks and good conversations at Anne’s house just a few blocks away.   Come join us and be a part in building community with IONS Austin! 

Bio: Dr. Victor Shamas is a University of Arizona psychologist, the founder of two Tucson-based nonprofit groups (Global Chant and PlayHaven), and the author of four books: Deep Creativity: Inside the Creative Mystery, The Way of Play, The Chanter's Guide, and the Amazon bestseller, Repose: The Potent Pause, co-authored with Jhan Kold. He has devoted his life to understanding the experience of creativity. His research has focused on intuition, self-transcendence, play, receptivity, and the role of consciousness in the creative process.


Unity Church of the Hills

9905 Anderson Mill Rd

Austin TX. 78750


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