"Exploring Vibes" (Second Saturday, monthly 2+ hour open discussion)

Sat, 2017/09/09 - 9:45am

Friendly, inclusive, non-judgemental sharing of ideas, testimonials, and information related to our theme since 2006: "Evolving Consciousness".

Sept 9th: Because no one has yet offered to kick off this month's meeting with a more specific topic, I'm going to bring along the poster I showed at the IONS Conference in late July. The title is

Toward a Vocabulary for 'Vibes' - Inner Timespace

It describes and diagrams several aspects of the subjective experience of time, including the concept of an "extended now", that I find helpful in attempting to understand aspects of conscious experience - for which, as music so admirably demonstrates, temporal flow and relationships appear to be fundamental.

For those who may want a preview, here is a link to a folder in "the cloud" containing copies of the three pdf source files for the entire poster, plus the docx file for the 2-sided reference page I handed out at the conference.  For those interested in joining this thinking online, I'd love to see a lively discussion unfold. I'm starting to post pieces of this expanding thought process on my years-old, but [until recently] little-used blog.

As always, bring your open minds and hearts ... your questions, your challenges!


We meet in the community room at Virginia Villa Apartments, 200 High School Road NE, Bainbridge Island, (link to map/directions) where we have held monthly meetings since 2006. The driveway, best entered going west, is marked by a low wooden sign, just before the beginning of the last planter island before the Madison Ave. roundabout.

Please come to the far (east) end of the building and parking lot, and walk up the outdoor ramp at the end of the building to the door of the community room. Drivers, please park only at that far end of the lot. If that end is full, please park off-premises, for example in the Safeway lot across High School Road.