Clairvoyant Angelic Healing Presentation by Peter and Anne Selby.

Sat, 2017/01/21 - 6:30pm

Peter and Anne Selby have recently moved from Sisters, OR to Washougal, Washington and offer Clairvoyant Angelic Healing Sessions in person and distance healings over the telephone and Skype. Peter has been an orthopedic Physical Therapist for 37 years and early on began merging subtle energy approaches into his orthopedic physical therapy practice. He will briefly share the story of his radical initiation into working with Angels after becoming spontaneously clairvoyant 22 years ago. Working together since 2001, Peter and Anne have gained deep insights into the human energy system and the Angels will guide them to work with audience members to provide living examples of their work.

In this IONS presentation, we will describe and demonstrate how different types of energy blockages and entity attachments in the energy field influence the physical functioning and overall health of body, mind and Soul, and you will see how Angels create immediate, measurable healings resulting in improvements in physical functioning. We will share handouts representing two profound visions Peter received from the Angels concerning the location of the Tree of Life and the archetypal planetary energies in the auric field of consciousness and demonstrate their remarkable significance in understanding and treating the human energy system.


Email Dottie Koontz for directions.