Is Channeling Real with Ruth Miller

Sat, 2017/02/18 - 6:30pm

Our February Meeting is already upon us. Next Saturday the 18th we have the following program:

Is Channeling Real? -  with Ruth L Miller, Ph.D.

Project Director Helané Wahbeh, a naturopath from Milwaukie, Oregon with extensive OHSU research credits, has launched a 5-year multifaceted research effort at IONS to determine the nature of mediumship, or channeling, and its veracity as a source of useable information.
Ruth Miller, director of research & programs for the Gaia Living Systems Institute and a former colleague of Willis Harman, has signed on to coordinate the literature review – sorting through hundreds of books and dozens of articles in scientific journals to establish the historical basis for the research and to discover potential new questions.
Join us for an evening with Ruth exploring the nature of channeling and its potential.

Ruth was our presenter by Skype a few years ago and was a co-author with our own Milt Markewitz of a book  “Language of Life: Finding Answers to Modern Crises in an Ancient Way of Speaking”.


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