Calgary IONS March Conversation

Wed, 2018/03/14 - 6:00pm

As a way of delving into the question “How does consciousness transform?” - we propose an exploration of the theory of "Kundalini Energy" and invite the group to share their ideas and knowledge. Historically, this knowledge was hidden away inside yoga lineages, while today people find they are experiencing accidentally awakened Kundalini Energy and posting their transformative experiences online. Questions: What exactly is Kundalini and how is it awakened? What other forms might an awakening take?  (Is there any ‘going back,’ do you suppose?… or is the individual forever transformed?) Knowledge and practical instruction of "chakra energy" is very mainstream today, however, since chakra wisdom is an extension of Kundalini wisdom, why is our understanding of Kundalini so limited in comparison?


Please RSVP for location including parking information.  


$5.00 donation please (to share the rental of space)