Bentinho Massaro's Self Realization School

Tue, 2017/06/06 - 10:30am

We are meeting to explore and experience some of the teachings of internationally known nonduality teacher, Bentinho Massaro, is currently offering in Sedona. Bentinho has made the Empowerment and Enlightenment courses of Trinfinity Academy free and started Bentinho Massaro TV to share them to a larger audience in conjunction with his live Self Realization School in Sedona and The Sedona Experiment. Several of our members have committed to the discipline and are attending the courses in Sedona, or via the livestream opportunities. The practice has inspired the focus of this meeting. Our meeting today will introduce some of Trinfinity's introductory concepts via the exploration of Presence. The aim of our discussion and experiential exercises is to open up our sense of who we really are and move from the conditioned state of feeling/thinking: I-Am-This (Person-World-Consciousness) ... to the much more powerful and eternal state of feeling/knowing: I-Am (Presence-Consciousness). All are welcome. Members on the mailing list will receive a resource list to help them explore the practices going forward. 


Dewey-Humboldt Public Library
Public Library
12980 E Prescott St
(928) 632-5049



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