An Astrology Sampler Evening with Mark Dodich

Sat, 2017/09/16 - 6:30pm

Summer is over, the smoke and ask have mostly cleared, the weather has cooled a bit. It’s time for our IONS gathering again this coming Saturday, September 16th, 2017.
For our program this month, please join astrologer Mark Dodich for an astrology sampler evening. We shall get insight into what astrology can do for you. Astrology is not what you read in the daily forecast in the comics section of the paper, so we shall look at some of the branches of astrology. The talk will include insight into the recent solar eclipse and the next step coming in February. A few of the planetary shifts coming will be discussed and what that means to you. Mark is also well versed in esoteric astrology, which is focused on spiritual purpose. We shall use one of the tools of esoteric astrology, known as the Violet Flame. It is like alchemy where you turn lead into gold. However, it uses transmutation to change frequencies of energy to heal, help your environment, and to improve your own connection to the one source of all that is.
Mark Dodich has been a full time astrologer since 1995 with a busy international practice based out of Portland. In addition to natal astrology, he specializes in Earthlines (ACG) Relocation Astrology Maps for your best places on planet earth, and Seven Ray Esoteric Spiritual Purpose astrology. See is full bio at   or download the fall quarterly Astromark newsletter with a forecast for the coming quarter   (503) 252-1558 land line.
As always, we will gather at 6:30pm for our potluck and reconnection. The program will be from 7-9pm. Feel free to bring slippers or socks to wear as we ask that shoes be left at the door. Please RSVP if you are planning to attend so we can plan seating and coffee/tea service.

We are looking forward to seeing you all and hearing about your summer!


Email for directions.