April Monthly Meeting

Thu, 2017/04/13 - 11:00am

We will view and discuss two episodes of Gregg Braden's series “Missing Links”. The descriptions follow. 

OPENING QUESTION:  What activities, events, or practices are you aware of, or engaged in, that are midwifeing the new?  (Perhaps something related to cooperation, spirituality, connection, etc..)  As always attendees may share or pass.

From the Gaia website:
Episode 4 “The Anomalous History of Humanity”
Throughout the fossil and archeological records, evidence of ancient civilizations push the narrative of human origins into a time period that many historians are not comfortable with. And there is no peace to be found within such imposed paradigms, as the discovery of out-of-place artifacts show that we have only gleaned a small portion of human history. These discoveries are not limited to the Earth, as photographs from the moon reveal many more out-of-place artifacts, suggesting an entirely different narrative for civilization than many are prepared to deal with. These findings push notions once relegated to Science Fiction into science fact.

Episode 5 “Confirming Our Connections”
“For three hundred years, scientists have worked to come to an objective understanding of the natural world and our connection to it. Along the way, some false assumptions were made and these notions became a part of the enforced doctrine. As technology and techniques continue to improve, new results to old experiments are challenging these assumptions. We explore the results of cutting edge experiments which confirm that all things are contained within a field which can be influenced by our emotions and innermost beliefs."


Marywood Spirituality Center, Arbor Vitae WI


Free. (Donation basket for Marywood is available for meeting participants who are able to contribute but it is not necessary.)