3rd Thursday Meeting

Thu, 2018/01/18 - 10:30am

We will view a 38 minute 2016 interview with Gregg Braden that provides context for the “Missing Links” series and his experience of applying the knowledge he presents to a personal health issue. We will then view episodes 8 and 9, "Missing Links of  Human Evolution" and "Genetic Clues of Human Origin" (descriptions below). It is not necessary to have seen previous “Missing Links” episodes.


OPENING QUESTION/S (as always, you may share or pass):  What is your experience of intuition and/or are you noticing differences lately?


From Gaia.com:

Episode 8, “Missing Links of Human Evolution”:  “Gregg Braden explores the DNA evidence which reveals a new story for human evolution. Though he is lauded for his genius in developing the theory of evolution, Charles Darwin knew that one day his theory would fall. That day may have finally come. Many scientists once believed that they have solved the mystery of where we came from, through Darwin’s theory of evolution. With new evidence refuting this theory, they are beginning to see that there is a deeper explanation for the missing links of human evolution.”

Episode 9, “Genetic Clues of Human Origin”: “Questioning how and why humankind suddenly appears 200,000 years ago, we open the door to an even deeper mystery. Gregg Braden compares the chromosomes of great apes with human beings and presents us with startling evidence that something happened, long ago, to intentionally produce anatomically modern humans. This is not evolution nor creationism. Rather it is suggestive of a third option: directed mutation. In seeking answers to who directed this genetic manipulation, we can look to the Safir Ytzera, an ancient text which gives us a step-by-step description of the day humankind was created and unlocks a secret message hidden within our own genetic code.”


Marywood Spirituality Center
3560 Highway 51 North
Arbor Vitae, WI 54568


Free (Donations can be made to the host site if attendees are able but a donation is not required.)