As Your Group Grows

Groups thrive when responsibility for the group’s success is shared among members. Shared responsibility builds community and commitment, strengthens relationships and helps prevent burnout.

There are many different ways to share responsibility. What is important is that members of the group make the decision collectively.

In their early stages, most groups focus on exploring noetic issues but as the group develops and matures, the members often want to deepen their process and find ways to create and sustain a conscious connection within the group.

Many groups, especially if they have increased in size, decide to reach out beyond their regular gatherings. They may develop their own projects, they may sponsor community forums, they may join with other IONS groups in their area or region, and/or they may join with other like-minded groups to do joint ventures.

Some groups publish newsletters or set up websites. Some groups, as they begin to grow, spin off smaller groups that have special interests. Tucson IONS and Sacramento IONS are wonderful examples of this kind of development. Some groups stay small.

And some groups reach the stage where they realize they have fulfilled their purpose and their members move on to work toward personal and collective transformation in other ways.

If you would like more information about ways in which your group can grow, please refer to the "As Your Group Grows" section of the Community Group Coordinators’ Handbook