Purpose and Principles

Purpose: To form a learning community focused on living consciously and connecting our inner and outer lives.

Principles: A commitment to

  • building a bridge between science and spirituality
  • creating a safe place to learn and share with others
  • developing our personal paths and spiritual growth
  • connecting like-minded people across the globe
  • supporting IONS by sharing the Institute’s research, education, and events

Relationship of Community Groups to the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS)

While IONS supports and assists groups in a variety of ways, each local community group operates independently of IONS and is legally and financially responsible for its own activities. Community groups are not "chapters" and we ask that they not refer to themselves as such. Becoming a member of a community group is not the same as becoming a member of IONS, we encourage community group participants to also support IONS to keep the transformative work going!

IONS is committed to encouraging both diversity and local control of local activities. IONS trusts that groups will operate with integrity and guide their gatherings with good intentions. IONS strives to foster open and communicative relationships with them.