Joining a Group

Why join a Community Group?

IONS Community Groups are a powerful way to connect with like-minded allies, explore frontier ideas about consciousness and transformation, and make a significant impact on our world. With almost 200 groups in the Americas, Africa, Europe, and Asia, our Community Groups are an active and dynamic collection of people dedicated to exploring the frontiers of consciousness. Some of these groups sponsor lectures, conferences, and experiential events in their respective locales in addition to their regular group gatherings.

Can anyone participate in an IONS group?

Yes, everyone is welcome and encoraged to participate! The Coordinator should encourage individuals who are not familiar with IONS to visit the website to learn about the work of the Institute and sign up for the monthly eNewsletters.

Is there a fee to attend a Community Group?

Each community group individually sets their own cost for people to attend the meeting, some are free while others are not. All community group participants are also encouraged to support IONS -- your gifts help support this website and our network of Community Groups, in addition to funding IONS' research and education.