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March 2018

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We are:

We are the San Diego IONS Community Group. The Institute of Noetic Sciences was founded by Apollo 14 astronaut Edgar Mitchell. We support and organize local gatherings for various IONS related topics. Your interests in those topics are our interest.

Our meeting are also scheduled on Meetup See link.

See Our community calendar on the IONS Community Calendar tab as well. 

We gather to suit the schedules of our team leaders. We are organizing to meet reguarly at the Balboa Park Club.

Our Leaders:

Our group organization leader is Gerry Kirkpatrick.  Event co-ordinators, under Gerry, are shown on Meetup: See link

Read more about our leader Gerry Kirkpatrick in the local San Diego magazine The Life Connection. See link

Our Misson:

Our hope for Consciousness, in the future, is that well-established classic scientific institutions and communities accept  the validated empirical data that Noetic Science has produced for more than forty years.

We are targeting every audience in San Diego. We have high hopes for the vibrant life sciences community of San Diego.

We look forward to partnering with existing related Conscious Communities. Our sense is, masses of communities will stand up to validate, together, that their experiences are real.

Thank you for reading. We look forward to your participation.

For more details, See the links below:

San Diego IONS website:   email:

Our Meetup Website:

Our Facebook page:



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