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March 2018

About Us

The Minocqua / Rhinelander Community Group views and discusses videos related to consciousness, conscious living, transformation (personal, social, global), interconnection, and other topics drawn from IONS writings, conferences and research, and affiliated authors. Videos include selections from the Spiritual Cinema Circle and the Institute of Noetic Sciences YouTube channel, and films related to Noetic topics. Our group membership covers a large area of Northern Wisconsin and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. As we are in a vacation area, we also welcome seasonal residents and visitors who are IONS members or who are interested in these topics.

Beginning in February 2017, the group began viewing and discussion Gregg Braden's Gaia series "Missing Links". There are 20 episodes in the first season and six in season two. There has been exceptional interest in the series, so much so that in September 2017, a second monthly meeting was added. The series blends science and spirituality, validates and replicates information attendees are finding from other sources regarding current earth shifts, and provides practical tools, including HeartMath's Heart-Brain Harmony, for developing resilience in these changing times.   It is not necessary to have seen all episodes, or episodes in sequence, to benefit from the viewing and discussions at the meeting. New members are most welcome to join us at any time!  Begining in June 2018, the first Thursday meeting will feature videos on Science and Spirituality and the third Thursday meetings will continue viewing/re-viewing the "Missing Links" series.

Meeting Details

We meet twice a month on Thursday afternoons from 12:30 to 3 pm. The meeting dates are generally the first and third Thursdays of the month but occasionally varies depending on the room availability of our host, Marywood.  While we generally meet each month, the availability issue means we might combine two months into one meeting, e.g. Aug/Sept or Nov/Dec. Current meeting information will be posted on the calendar each month or you may contact janlewis7798@gmail.com to check on the next meeting date.   

Inclement weather cancellations will be posted on this site the day of the meeting (as that's when it's determined) or you can contact janlewis7798@gmail.com

Meeting Location: Marywood Spirituality Center, 3560 Highway 51 North, Arbor Vitae, WI 54568


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