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March 2018

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About Us

The Israeli Community of IONS reflects the ethos and worldview of The Institute of Noetic Sciences and the legacy of its founder, Apollo 14 astronaut Dr Edgar Mitchell. The community acts as an independent group, which is not legally and financially linked in any way whatsoever to IONS. The group's activity transpires under the IONS' umbrella of community groups.
The group was founded in 2008 by Dr Lila Moore and for a while functioned as a dialogue group following themes for discussions as suggested by IONS. Learning sessions based on the Living Deeply book also took place.

2017- Programme:

In 2017, the group will be devoted to learning sessions, members' presentations of original work and ideas, and discussions of topics raised by IONS. We will start the year with an online session which will involve an introduction to Dr Edgar Mitchell's vision and model of exploration, and an introduction to the notion of 'nous' and 'noetics'.

Date of first session to be announced after the New Year.

Modus Operandi:

Reading or media materials will be posted to active and committed participants prior to the sessions. 

The group is based on non-capitalist principles of shared economy, hence, each active and committed member/participant will have the opportunity to receive from other members some income or reward for her/his contribution.

This group aims at building a compassionate and non-competitive noetic environment for learning as well as social and cultural interactions that promote the challenging spirit of local and global interconnectedness and cooperation. It supports research and work at the intersection of alternative spiritualities, technology, science, the arts and consciousness studies. It encourages expressions of novelty, sustainability, modes of thinking and acting that give rise to the evolution of the human potential and consciousness. 

Our Facebook group, here. 

Our Blog, here. 

Meeting Details

We meet in Jaffa - Tel Aviv and in cyberspace. 

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