Heart Mind Coherence DC Metro Community Group

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March 2018

About Us

To explore the potentialities of individual consciousness, our relationship to the Unknowable Spirit, and the meaning and purpose of a successful and mindful life. To reflect together on how each of us can engage in meaningful action with others for a more just and sustainable planet.

Meeting Details

We will meet twice monthly on Sunday 6pm. Meetings will combine presentations and small-group discussions. There will be a sequence of topics published. Our objectives are:

• To understand the fundamental needs of the soul and establish practices for mindful and meaningful engagement with others
• To grasp from both a scientific and a spiritual perspective how adults develop, become empowered, and thrive
• To understand heart-mind alignment and moral coherence in our experience of health and wellbeing
• To reflect together and develop skills to become ambassadors for a coherent society and a sustainable planet

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