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March 2018

About Us

Calgary IONS Community Group

Launched in 2011, our group meets monthly to share in lively, meaningful face-to-face conversations.  Inspired by the mission and vision of IONS, our topics traverse the realms of science and spirit with an underlying knowledge that consciousness matters.

As a diverse gathering of seekers, we are united in our passion to connect and learn with open minds and hearts. We meet as equals - not to teach each another - but to explore the nature of reality with a shared sense of wonder. Enjoying deep dialogue as well as laughter, we believe - as Margaret Wheatley has said:  “We don’t have to agree with each other in order to think well together. There is no need for us to be joined at the head. We are joined by our human hearts.”

We are self-organizing and non-hierarchical, and although our meetings are gently facilitated, we ask that participants self-monitor and uphold our principles of engagement - valuing respect, equality, diversity, wisdom and compassion. (We are not a vehicle for networking, marketing or solicitation.)

OUR MISSION:  To grow a local IONS-learning community that supports the flourishing of life and love on this planet - as we endeavour to expand our consciousness, cultivate our interconnectedness and optimize our human capacities.


Meeting Details

We meet the second Wednesday evening of each month (at an inner-city N.W. location) and always welcome new participants!

Please RSVP for event details and location. Interested individuals are invited to join our facebook page for information and updates.

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