Your Health May Be Written in the Stars

by Stephanie Marango, MD, RYT

Civilizations throughout history have looked to the stars to empower our understanding of ourselves and our world. For eons, our ancestors saw no distinction between earth and heaven, the natural and the divine. The stars were reflected within the regions of the body and, correspondingly, offered an insightful guide to life’s inner workings. Look at your hands as an example: You likely see two functional appendages, while our ancient Greek predecessors looked at their hands and saw a gift from the gods—a gift from Zeus, ruler of the gods, to be exact. This gift was in the form of twin sons, known in Latin as Gemini, and represented as a constellation of stars the sun passes through every year (May 21–June 20).

According to the ancient Greeks, your two hands represent the Gemini connection to realms both mortal and divine, and the communication between one and the other. When you consciously attune to your hands (Baoding ball exercises and yoga mudras are great tools toward this end), you evoke the best of your own Gemini characteristics no matter when you were born, such as adaptability, a keen intellect, and quick communication. And likewise, if you are not in balance, then Gemini’s susceptibilities—such as feeling scattered—may predominate. So whether or not your sun sign is Gemini, these traits live within you. In fact, the entire zodiac lives within you as represented by your natal chart, the foundational tool of astrology that depicts the position of all the stars and planets (including the sun and moon), at the exact date, time and location of your birth.

How does it help you to know your connection to the cosmos? Well, if you are an apple, you are always going to be an apple—never an orange—whether you want to be, or not. And to be the best darn apple you can be, means being aware of and living according to your true, apple nature. For instance, if you are a Leo - the sign which rules the heart and upper back - and you know that you are tailored to the spotlight, then choosing a career as a subway conductor is likely not a long-term recipe for success, but could lead to a heart-hidden, slouched-over position. Conversely, are you a Leo who won’t budge from center stage? Then you might find that the courage and charisma it took you to get there has since morphed into pride...and a posture with your chest puffed-out (recall images of the Leo dictator Napoleon Bonaparte's famous stance).

Mind you, none of this means that you cannot choose to either shy from the spotlight or be an attention hog, no matter what your sign. Of course you can, because you have free will! It is just that your life may be that much harder if you choose to work against your grain. Which is the opposite message from that of astrology: for the happiest and healthiest life, you should work with your true nature, developing your strengths, learning from your susceptibilities, and finding the balance in between. And the power to do so lies literally in the palm of your hands.

Stephanie Marango, MD, RYT is a Holistic Health physician and educator based in New York. She works with the body’s connection to thoughts, emotions and spirit, and is the author of Your Body and The Stars: The Zodiac as Your Wellness Guide. Learn more at