Science and Education Update

Psychic Abilities and the Illusion of Separation

Tune in with your community group to hear a new talk by Dean Radin that he gave to students and faculty at California Institute of Integral Studies. Dean talks about the evidence of extended capacities of human consciousness.

Worldview Explorations in Action

by Mollie Robertson, IONS Education Assistant

Perspectives and Beliefs Prompt to Explore:

Think of the last time someone said or did something that really annoyed or upset you. Consider some possible beliefs that person might have held which motivated their words or actions. Now, think of a time when your own beliefs were challenged. Consider how you felt, emotionally and physically.

How do we know what we know? Can we attach a hierarchy of validity to different beliefs? To different sources of beliefs, or knowledge?

What can we do - individually and collectively - to mitigate conflict when we are faced with these challenges of perspective?

If you know of an after school program that may be interested in implementing Worldview Exploration, let us know!