Noetic Global Gatherings: Online Events for the Community Group Network!

Dear IONS Community Group Leaders,

Happy New Year! As we kick off 2018 I am delighted to announce our next wave of program enhancements for the community group network! We listened to your feedback, and we heard that many of you would like more content and more opportunities for engagement directly with the research and educational programs we do here at IONS, as well as opportunities for connection to the global community of consciousness explorers. We also heard from many of you that engaging presenters or creating content is a barrier to starting or leading your local community group. With that in mind...

It is my Great Pleasure to Introduce:

The Noetic Global Gatherings Series! Noetic Global Gatherings are free webinars and discussion groups for community group leaders, participants, and other people interested in noetic topics. These live online gatherings will take place every-other month and feature presentations on cutting-edge noetic research and transformative education from our scientists, educators, and partners. At the conclusion of the formal presentation and Q&A, attendees will have an opportunity to break into small discussion groups with noetic explorers from around the world to share their own perspective and hear from others!

Everyone is welcome to join in these bi-monthly webinars, and it is a great way to introduce new community group participants to the noetic sciences. We hope that this series will be a online gathering place for the entire community group network to dive into a shared inquiry around these topics. We will also use the gatherings as an opportunity to connect people with existing groups in their area, which will broaden the outreach efforts of individual groups.

How to Engage with the Noetic Global Gatherings

As leaders, there are a variety of ways for you and your group to utilize the Noetic Global Gathering webinars:

  • First, please spread the word to your full community group, we have a Noetic Global Gatherings flyer for you to print and distribute at your meetings, and send it out via email.
  • Second, consider scheduling your local Community Group meeting at the same time as the webinar and watch it together, live! This gives you the opportunity to ask questions to the presenters, and then continue discussion about the topic on your own within your group.
  • Third, if having your group meet during the live webinar is not convenient, sign up anyway. The webinars will be recorded and the links will be sent to registrants, so you can use the recording as your meeting topic and jumping-off point for discussion at a later date.


The first Noetic Global Gathering will be on February 7th from 4pm - 5:15 pm PST with Dr. Cassandra Vieten. For the full schedule of upcoming events, please visit the Noetic Global Gatherings page.

Cassandra will give a presentation about the new IONS research project on Consciousness, Change, and Communication (C3). Using insights from social, cognitive, neuroscience, and the science of worldview and behavior change, combined with the wisdom practices from the world’s spiritual traditions, this webinar will help will illuminate skills and practices that change agents can immediately apply to their strategies to boost their effectiveness in advocating to create a better world for all. If part of your job, or your life’s purpose, is to make change in how people think and behave, this webinar is for you!

Register now to join the inaugural Noetic Global Gathering!

If you cannot join live, please note that the recording will be sent out to everyone who registers.

Please let me know if you have any questions and I am looking forward to diving into deeper community with each of you this year!

Andrea Livingston
Community Engagement Coordinator