January IONS Community Group Leader Call Notes

IONS Community Group Leader (CGL) Call
January 10, 2017

The call was convened by Andrea Livingston, CG Coordinator at IONS Hub-quarters. Ten CGLs from 6 states were on the call.
Report from Cassi Vieten, President of IONS:

Science: Projects new or underway include:

  • Creating a PsiQ test cell phone app to allow individuals to test their intuitive capacity which is being developed by volunteers in weekend “Hackathons”;
  • PsiGenes study of families in which psychic capacities run in the genes. Screening is underway to select study subjects. Over 3000 people applied.
  • New grant received to study mediumship.


  • An IONS Master Trainer program is being developed by Katia Peterson and Claire LaChance to train and certify Master Trainers for IONS education programs.


  • Program lineups are complete for the July conference in Oakland CA including such names as David Korten, Matthew Fox, Lynne McTaggart, and Yvonne Kegel the African American Astronaut/Surgeon.
  • Next Gen group will host Spotlight Talks again whereby any attendee may apply to do short presentations. (These presentations in Chicago were excellent.) A youth award will be given to inspirational youths who are doing noetic work in the world. The full program will be released in January. Registration is opening this week.


  • Over 5000 people participated in programs on campus last year including Van Jones and his Dream Corps.

Fund Raising:

  • Over $1 million dollars were raised during the yearend fund raising campaign toward the $2 million annual budget. Fiscal year ends June 30.

Cassi is thrilled with the new staff additions: Claire LaChance as CEO and Alex Morrison as Development Director and is very grateful for our worldwide community. Cassi says she is 100 times more motivated to be on course in this new political climate and invited “everyone to be on the field” to stand for our values, walk the talk, resist hatred, practice fierce love as espoused by MLK and Gandhi and stay connected during these difficult last throes of the separation paradigm.

CG Checkins:

  • Mitt from Northern MI is excited that they have recently restarted their local Community Group after several years. So far the group is all women.
  • Dottie Koontz-Vancouver WA reported that their December meeting was cancelled due to snow and ice in the area. A Clairvoyant Angelic Healer who recently moved to the area permanently will present and offer a sampling of his work in for the January meeting.
  • Amelia Loomis-calling in from Palm Springs CA is the leader in Boise ID where they have had record snows. They will be meeting the last Sunday of the month. She was grateful for Cassi’s discussion of how to stay centered in these times.
  • Mary Michaels-Houston TX has recently taken over a group that started in 2000. They will be having presentations around topic of Intelligence of Chi, Reincarnation, Precognitive Research and Music Therapy.
  • Pat Palmer-Marin, CA. Their Group is on hiatus after 4 years and is changing leadership. They are currently discussing whether they might want to have a specific focus for the coming year. Someone asked her and she relayed this question to the group on the call: ‘How many IONS members are spiritually grounded?”
  • Alberto Ramon-Walnut Creek CA said that the current political climate can make us more aware of the contrast in values and inspire us to connect with others and to transcend our limits. He reported that JFK University where they meet is sponsoring a community conversation on January 19th regarding the recent election.
  • Collette-Petaluma CA Plans to include more dialogue among participants in her programs. She has Matt Kahn and Julie Ditmar speaking on Valentines Day to her group. She offered a reminder to commit to our own practices and to stay focused during this time.
  • Douglas Bonar-St. Petersburg FL requested that we time the check-ins on future calls so that everyone has a chance to check-in. He reported that his group has brought in national speakers using Zoom technology. This month they had 80 people in their group plus 29 people in Austin TX via Zoom to hear Dr. Gary Schwartz who was presenting from Tucson, Arizona, also via Zoom.
  • Donna Fuller-Richmond VA reported that their group is celebrating their 21st anniversary this month. They meet the 3rd Saturday of the month and include a potluck. They have great local presenters available.
  • Rebecca Gutierrez-San Gabriel Valley CA reported that they are a new group in the formation stage.

Andrea reminded everyone that the website is available for further conversations using the forum pages and requested that the Group Leaders post their events in the events section so that it becomes a living connection among the Groups.