IONS Conference Registration Now Open!

We are very excited to announce that the registration is now open for the IONS International Conference!  Please join us for three days and three nights of mind-blowing science, transformative spiritual practices, and deep connection and conversation. What makes the 2017 Conference unique is the interplay between a scientific understanding and personal process on the same topic. Most of the General and Breakout sessions are co-presented by scientists and practitioners, interweaving data-based understandings with experiential practices. You will hear about the latest scientific findings on flow, intuition, and extraordinary human abilities, and also have the opportunity to experience the intersection of technology, innovation and consciousness.

Also, there will be a special pre-conference event for community group leaders that is being planned by the Community Group Leadership Council and we hope that you all will be able to join! Throughout both the pre-conference and the main conference there will be many opportunities to connect with other community group leaders where people will get a chance to know each other better, share stories of successes, gain wisdom of best practice, and look together at challenges and ways to overcome them. 

Please don't hesitate with any questions!

Register now to join the growing list of community group leaders who will be attending this conference!