IONS Community Group Leader (CGL) Call Notes- November 15, 2016

The call was convened by Andrea Livingston, CG Coordinator at IONS Hub-quarters. Seven CGLs from 5 states and Alberta, Canada were on the call.

After a brief centering meditation, Andrea gave the following updates on IONS activities:

  • They are about to launch their yearend fund raising campaign and will be asking CGLs to share the info on social media and to encourage participation by their respective CG members.
  • The 2017 conference at the Marriott in Oakland CA from July 20-23 is in the planning stages and will include an evening dedicated for Community Groups the night before the conference begins. Conference info will be out in January.
  • The new website is slowly coming alive. CGLs from 50 of the 150 CGs have signed up. So far the forums have not been used much. The vision for the website was as a forum for communication, inspiration and sharing among community groups all over the world. A few events have been posted. There are no statistics on how many people are logging into the website for information unless they actually post something. Andrea will pass on the comment that changing an existing event seems difficult.
  • She will add the video “View From Space” with Edgar Mitchell to the video list. It can be purchased on Amazon. One CG cannot show it because it is copyrighted and the public library where they meet will not allow it. Another did show it at their meeting in a private residence to acclaim by their members.

Member Check-Ins:

  • Mary Michaels-Houston:  One way she is getting more participation from her fairly large membership is to ask members to take turns introducing the program/speaker.
  • Dottie Koontz-Vancouver WA: Meeting on November 19th will listen to an interview with Stephen Dinan on his new book “Sacred America, Sacred World” and have a group discussion on how to apply noetic consciousness to post election healing and awakening of America. Also on November19th is the first meeting of a new Book Club led by one of their CG members to begin reading and discussing “Native Science: Natural Laws of Interdependence” by Gregory Cajete about native American scientific understanding.
  • Blythe-Calgary, Alberta Canada:  Their group who is having their 5th anniversary soon is a conversation focused group. At their last meeting they watched the “Connected Universe” and in their discussion had to process their shell shock as a result of the US election. She came away more hopeful after the evening.
  • Jan-Northern Wisconsin: Average attendance is 15-20 people, different group each time. During check-in she asks attendees to respond to a question. In October, the question was to share a personal thought about the old story we are leaving behind, the transition time, or the new story that will be emerging. Their next meeting in December will focus on the healing capacity of music.
  • Jerry Kurtyka-El Paso TX: They have scheduled a speaker from the local Tibetan Buddhist Cultural Center for their next meeting on December 10th.
  • Douglas Bonar-St.Petersburg-Tampa Bay FL: They have a lively group who are making themselves a laboratory for applying noetic principles and expanded consciousness in the world including applying the power of intention to climate change. Tampa Bay is one of the most endangered areas on the planet for projected rising seas. They are using technology in their meetings to bring in speakers from afar and plan to offer attendance from afar as well. In January, they will be having Gary Schwartz, a researcher on mediumship from AZ. He and Andrea will look at ways to post info on the website for how to access their presentations on-line.
  • Alberto-Walnut Creek CA: Their topic at the next meeting on Friday is Science and Shamanism. They meet at JFK University and he is looking for his group and the University to more closely cooperate in some ways that enhance both organizations.
  • Andrea: Claire Le Chance, Harvard MBA, former IONS Board Chair and long-time consultant to non-profit organizations is the new CEO of IONS. She is leading the study of new opportunities to bring wider awareness of IONS.
  • Dottie Koontz: Requested that all CGs look at and request from their members any ideas they have for the conference that would make them not want to miss the conference. Send their suggestions to Andrea.

Introduction of Alex Morrison, new IONS Development Director: Before he joined IONS in September, he was 1 year in Costa Rica and several years with the Pachamama Alliance, including the last six as Development Director. He has dedicated his life to helping wake people up. He is working on the fund raising campaign to be launched in December. Typically 30% of all charitable giving occurs in December. The campaign will be about who is IONS, who are its constituents, how can we as a humans be more forward about sharing the noetic experiences that we all have had, acknowledging that they are normal and important. He will be looking at what kind of membership program may be available going forward besides annual fund raising.

The Next call will be December 13th at 5pm PST. Please Register Here to join us!