IONS Community Group Leader (CGL) Call: March 14, 2017

The call was convened by Andrea Livingston, CG Coordinator at IONS Hub-quarters. Eight CGLs from 7 states were on the call: ID, WA, CA, NM, WI, FL, and NH.
After a short meditation, Andrea gave and update of plans, events and activities at IONS Hub-quarters.

  • World Conference – 7/20-7/23 in Oakland:
  • A special $75 discount is available for CG Leaders who register by March 20th.  Use code “community2017”.
  • Nominations are being taken for people under age 40 anywhere in the world who have created noetic type projects around consciousness in action. Three winners will be selected to receive a $1000 prize and to serve on a panel at the conference to showcase their projects.
  • A Community Group Pre-Conference get acquainted/reconnected dinner is scheduled for Thursday night 7/20 5pm-6:45pm for CG Leaders only followed by a public talk with Matthew Fox and David Korten. A closing meeting for CG Leaders will follow the talk. More information on the conference agenda can be found at
  • As part of her channeling research study, Helene Wahbe is headed to Mt. Shasta with several trans-channels and a random number generator. Genetic testing is begging on members of families who have high incidence of channels among their members to see if there is some genetic indication of this ability. Helene is looking for control subjects who say they have had no incidents of noetic communication in their lives. Apparently, they are having difficulty finding people, especially women, who have NO such experience in their lives. If you are one of these people or know someone who is, contact IONS hub-quarters.
  • IONS Board is engaged in a strategic planning process and will be sending surveys to CG Leaders and other members for input. The world of consciousness research has expanded so much that IONS is looking to see where the next cutting edge may be for their research or projects.
  • Andrea asked callers to respond to the question “What topics seem to have enthusiasm” for your groups? Responses included:
  • One group is looking at ways to apply the intuitive realm to help with practical issues such as water quality and availability.
  • One group’s recent focus has been on noetic knowing with a talk by Ruth Miller on the IONS Mediumship study project and demonstration of channeling; a this month on a video of Russel Targ a physicist involved in government remote viewing projects and other research and personal sharing of participant of their own noetic knowing experience.
  • Changes in leadership and location and a new focus are opening a group to allow potluck and get acquainted time in their group for more interaction and connection among the members. They recently watched a video “Secrets of Quantum Physics-Einstein’s Nightmare” available from Amazon; highly recommended. Future meeting’s topics will be about Mandala Affects and something from Robert Lanza.
  • One group seems to have two different audiences; one interested in activism and reaching out, the other more interested in the science of consciousness.
  • A group is watching a series on about missing links theories of Gregg Braden and creating a new story for humanity. They start each meeting with a question for the participants to answer such as “what words of hope are most meaningful to you?” or “what do you do for play to keep your spirit light?”.
  • One group is reading and recommends the book “Subtle Activism” by David Nicol. They are community focused in that they as IONS have a presence in many community events and activities and partner with other groups. Last year they focused on Conscious leadership with Margaret Wheatley’s work. This year they are focusing on conscious activism with James O’Dea’s book “The Sacred Activist” which they recommend, and a talk on conscious activism by a local Lama.
  • A long time group leader now lives in another state is adjusting to the senior living world and reflected on the importance that IONS has been to her entire life. She shared the adage that a sailor cannot control the wind but she can adjust her sails.
  • One group is interested in global coherence initiative, such as through heart math, and in water studies such as Dr. Emoto’s.

Andrea’s final question to the callers was: “What training could IONS to offer to help make an impact in community groups?” Answers included: Partnering with other national organizations of like mind and Art of hosting training.

The next call will be April 11th.