Guest Blog: The Mystic Experience and Edgar Mitchell by Thomas Nehrer

Many IONS group coordinators will find my name familiar – and that of my general message, The Essence of Reality.

By now, I’ve done over 80 IONS talks, from Pittsburgh to New England, Toronto to Richmond to Florida, from Iowa to British Columbia, all along the west coast, from Tucson to Denver to Boise – and many a point in between.  Through a family non-profit, I’ve donated dozens of sets of my books to local groups…

So speaking for San Diego IONS last summer wasn’t unusual.  But the topic was.  Rather than a broad overview of my message:
·        As a timeless conscious Self, you are absolutely connected to the flow of your life,
·        Such that you manifest distinct patterns in your health, relationships and success.
·        You can change these patterns toward the positive by delving inward to dispel negating mechanisms within your subconscious
·        And eliminate beliefs that have you project your innate create power out illusory sources and forces…
·        As you do so, you gain, step-by-step, a “Clear Awareness” of the real and functional Oneness of Self with experienced Reality…

Rather than that, at the request of the SDIONS coordinator, I paid tribute to Edgar Mitchell, Apollo 14 Astronaut and founder of IONS.  But I did so by exploring the nature and meaning of The Mystic Experience.  Mitchell, as a direct consequence of his engaged epiphany while returning to earth, founded IONS to explore consciousness.

About that same time, the early 70s, as a young man hitch-hiking around Europe, curious and seeking understanding, I had my own mystic experience.  My fleeting recognition of life’s inherent Oneness set me off on a long inner journey to regain that clarity of perception.  I’ve spent subsequent decades communicating to sincere seekers, not only how that Oneness works, but how to gain an Integrated Awareness of it – and have life work much better in the process.

Having given well over 200 talks across the English-speaking realm, I shifted in 2015 to the social media, establishing a YouTube Channel.  That saves wearing out my trusty VibeGT.  And posts my perspectives for all to benefit from – as well as for subsequent generations beyond my time here.

So I rolled my SDIONS look at Mitchell’s Mystic Experience and in-depth exploration of my own epiphany into Episode #44 of my YouTube Channel.  This episode fit right into Volume 4, which explores the Great Visionaries.

To all IONS coordinators: feel free to pass along this deep, explorative look at The Mystic Experience ( to your groups.  And do indeed make use of the extensive subject matter in my many other videos; they cover topics across a broad spectrum.  All project a standpoint of Consciousness – and all are free of commercials or money-making of any sort.