FIONS Helps Create a New VoiceAmerica Series!

FIONS New York, with nearly three thousand persons on its mailings lists, is currently involving several of its Board Members in a new VoiceAmerica Series, THE CONVERGENCE, whose initial radio airings began on November 3 and will run from the United Nations "Week of Spirituality" (late October) to the United Nations "Week of Interfaith Harmony (early February). The Series kicked off with an event at the United Nations Church Center Chapel on October 28th, including two Grammy Award nominees.

The Series combines emphasis on the heritage of the world's Wisdom Traditions and the 17 categories of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. The lead episodes have been framed with integral philosopher Ken Wilber. The FIONS Board Members involved also serve on various United Nations Committees and are also members of The Evolutionary Leaders -- the "EL's". The EL's FIONS members will produce an entire episode of the Series on "Evolutionary Leadership" on December 15, 2016. These FIONS "EL's" include Dr. Kurt Johnson, Dr. J. J. Hurtak, Dr. Desiree Hurtak, Kristin Hoffmann and Alan Steinfeld. FIONS Board Members Rick Ulfik (founder of and Mitchell Rabin (founder of are also involved. In addition, IONS Board Member Claudia Welss will co-host a VoiceAmerica episode on the emerging Holistic Science with Dr. Kurt Johnson and featuring Deepak Chopra MD.

Join in with your local community group to this 13 episode radio series on VoiceAmerica hosted by Dr. Kurt Johnson by visiting the Series website. The website also has past episodes available to listen to and provides information on each episode including additional materials from the co-hosts and guests!