Book Recommendation: A New Republic of the Heart

Thanks to Community Group Leader, Oliver Markley for this book recommendation: 

Terry Patten has for decades been a leader of integral consciousness thinking and spiritual activism. Among other things, he has for several years hosted conversations with a number of transformational and spiritual teachers and leaders in his Beyond Awakening series (see: 

On Tuesday, March 6, he released an important new book: A New Republic of the Heart: An Ethos for Revolutionaries — A Guide to Inner Work for Holistic Change.

The website for the book,, includes a downloadable PDF of the Introduction and downloadable .mp3 of Terry reading the Intro.

He has also released an especially moving essay based on Chapter 2 of the book, and two very short videos in which he talks about these ideas:

Enacting wholeness — the good, the bad and everything in between

When the wholeness in you meets the wholeness in me

Thanks again Oliver for the great recommendation!

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