A Big Thank You!

We want to send out a deep gratitude for all of you who participated in the End of Year Campaign! We are so excited to share that we have met our fundraising goal with your support! Thank you for donating, collecting money at your groups for IONS, and for sharing the campaign with your friends and family. We recognize that it truly takes all of us to be working together toward the mission to make it a reality, so thank you again!

With your support here are some highlights of what we accomplished in 2016 and what we're up to in 2017: 


  • Published 22 per-reviewed papers reporting results that are shifting the conversation about what is possible for humanity
  • Launched the Frontier Biology Lab exploring the role of gene expressions in relationship to our extra human capacities
  • Over 700 facilitators in 17 contries who deliver our Consoius Aging program, supporting purpose and passion for elders


  • Leverage our Virtual Reality Lab to explore increased empathy in individuals and enhance meditation practices to lower chronic pain
  • Ensure EarthRise is the premier gathering place for exploring ancient wisdom traditions, experientail learning and modern scientific inquiry
  • Accelerate Worldview Explorations partnerships with Boys & Girls Clubs and Major League baseball teams to support under-served youth

As a token of gratitude, please enjoy a new video by Dean Radin that is only available to community groups! Dean gave this talk at the local Petaluma IONS group in December, we hope you enjoy!