Amplify you Impact with IONS!!

Dear IONS Community Group Leaders,

Thank you for the work you are doing as a leader in your community by hosting a space for noetic education, discussions, and action. Many people who come to IONS' community groups and conferences say it's the first place they've found that they can have truly open minded discussions about the things that really matter to them. Hosting these places for people to learn, connect, and transform is an important part of the overall mission of IONS- and we are grateful for your leadership!

This month we launched our end of year campaign and we would like to ask you to take a stand in fundraising to help this vital work continue in the world. As you know, our scientists are uncovering a greater awareness of our interconnectedness through an evidence-based approach to consciousness. This science that connects us provides a new understanding of consciousness and our capacity to harness it, giving us the tools we require to solve the major issues facing humanity. 

Now more than ever, when the world is tempted to fall back into old paradigms of separation, exclusion, and divisiveness, we must stand together to create holistic, sustainable solutions for our human family and our planet!

We are asking you to partner with us in having the most successful campaign to date to propel the research and education to new heights.

Donate and share this campaign with your community group participants, family, and friends. Personally invite these people to fund the work of IONS and tell them your story of why you support this work in the world! Here are three easy ways to support this campaign.

  1. Create a Facebook Campaign. It's simple- watch this video of how to do it!
  2. Send an email to your community group participant list and to your friends and family who share similar values.
  3. Dedicate your December meeting to this fundraiser. Show the campaign video at the beginning of the meeting, pass around a basket to collect funds for IONS, and direct them online to where they can donate! You can send all donations to:

Institute of Noetic Sciences
625 2nd St. Suite 200
Petaluma, CA 94952

As an extra treat, here is a video with some quick tips from IONS Development Director Alex Morrison of how to successfully raise money from your group.

Thank you for taking a stand for a more interconnected world. Together we are creating the world we know is possible!

Here are some words from other community groups leaders about why they contribute to IONS:

"I joined IONS as a member over 25 years ago because I wanted to be part of an international community seeking to raise the consciousness of the planet through scientific inquiry, community engagement and spiritual connection among like-minded peers. As my income increased over the years I increased my support to become a Circle member and then a Community Group Leader. I have continued to support IONS into my retirement because I so believe in it." -Dottie Koontz, Community Group Leader, CGLC Representative

"When Edgar Mitchell had his awakening experience while returning to Earth from the Moon, he was able to see our true potential as connected spiritual beings living together joyfully on this beautiful planet. It is now more important than ever to hold this vision and live this possibility through the mission and commitment of the IONS organization. Let’s keep the vision alive and bring it into our reality!"- Colette McMullen, Petaluma CG Leader

In gratitude,
Andrea Livingston
IONS Community Engagement