About Groups and the Network

About Community Groups

IONS Community Groups are independent, self-organizing, voluntary associations of members and their friends. Located across the globe, the groups bring together a dynamic collection of people dedicated to exploring a wide range of noetic topics toward a personal and collective shift in consciousness. Groups often meet to discuss articles, books, inspiring films, and other IONS materials. 

Each group sets its own purpose and direction, consistent with IONS’ overall mission. Since IONS was founded on the premise that both traditional science and “direct knowing” (noetic science) are valid means of understanding the universe, groups usually draw on both principles for their programs. The particular balance of the two will depend on the interests of the group leaders and members, thus considerable diversity of programming exists among the groups. The essence of IONS groups might be said to be: Science, Spirit, Curiosity and Community. 

To join an existing groupplease go to our Directory of Groups to see if there is one located near you. If not, consider starting a new group.

About the Network

The Community Group Network is the collective of all Community Groups that share ideas and materials, provide inspiration, and look for creative solutions for our common purpose: promoting individual and planetary shifts in consciousness. Networking is conducted primarily via this website. Additionally, group members meet in person at IONS conferences, and sometimes create their own regional events. This website offers opportunities for groups to share their activities and connect with each other.